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My introduction:

I’m an and living in . I want to build the in a product that people love. I have varied interests ranging from and to applied . but trying to more

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Hi. I'm Sylvia. I'm currently working as an Illustrator, Concept Artist and Co-Designer on our indie game. I love to create colorful, psychedelic art and to do commissions...oh yes, and I also love to paint animals. 🐧 #VisibleWomen #art #illustration #mastoart

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Tinkerers, chemists, students or anyone else who needs a lab notebook in a rush

I made a printable lab notebook for you to use :

PDF download and original LibreOffice Calc sheets are provided in case you want to tinker with the layout

License is public domain. No credit necessary

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Wait, what. Windows 10 sends info on USB devices plugged in directly to Microsoft?

And it does that using pure HTTP?

You gotta be kidding me.


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Not everyone can self host software systems.

Not everyone wants to self host software systems.

Not everyone gives a shit about tech

Most people just want to go online, do their thing and move on with their day

If there is a mass exodus from GitHub / GitLab or others we people hosting our own infra need to be good about discovery, community building, community engagement and more.

We also need to figure out how to federate authn/authz. I'll skip over submitting small things if it means yet another account on yet another server run by yet another random.

Centralization isn't great but it does facilitate discovery, community and engagement.

We need to keep this at the back of our mind.

Today I am performing a rework mod to my to see if I can get it to receive an FM station.

Pycom gPy is a SoC offering which supports micro-python as well as WiFi, BLE and cellular LTE CAT M1/NB1 radio protocols.

I've been compiling my notes on a iot weather station design here:

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I've seen multiple makers use Plasti Dip for projects. I've got 3D printed feet on a robot that don't grip on hard surfaces, so I thought I'd give it a shot.

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Hello mastadon, here's the kind of crap I make when unsupervised. This is a stroboscope I made out of things I had lying on the bench.

tonight I upgrade the STM32F407 discovery board's on-board programmer with Segger J-Link firmware so I can develop & debug with macOS instead of a windows VM..

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FreeCAD 0.17 has been released with some big updates.

I used the new part design work bench this morning and like what I'm seeing. I've been wanting better assembly functionality since the 0.13 days, and it seems like they're headed in a good direction. If you're a FreeCAD user who wants to support the team, check out Yorik van Havre and Kurt Kremitzki on Patreon.

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Spent a good bit of yesterday starting work on my CAD coursework, reverse-engineering a bicycle pedal model from 3D scans. It's a cool process and once I'm done at uni I might try to replicate it with open-source software.


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Honestly, the amount of stuff i learn on mastodon is ridiculous. I feel like i've been living under a rock all this time. It probably has to do with the fact that a lot of you early adopters seem to be an adventurous bunch and so my feed is unadulterated by the typical FB, IG, and Twitter crowd.

Anyway, as one of you said earlier, "y'all are valid."

Keep it weird, mastodon.

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@algernon I grew up using one and I have otherwise positive memories, but I was dealing with old UNIX hackers at the time.

I also built a "standing adapter" for a nook in my dorm out of some scrap MDF shelving. It's not perfect but it's VERY comfortable to use with an Ergodox.

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Make Magazine's guide to boards for makers, with filters to help you choose the right one(s).

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It seems to have been a generally good day in the fediverse. Lots of nice posts, and quite a few nice people around. I hope everyone had a good day, and gets a chance to do it all again tomorrow. :blobpats:

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