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I plan on giving updates on what I'm working on here, since I'm useless at writing blogs. I'm hoping i can stick to short regular updates.

Here's my cocktail machine. I'm currently writing the software for it!

My next problem that needs solving is a way to pressurise a soda bottle, and have a tube to the bottom of the bottle that fluid can come out of. The homebrew people have solved this too, but at $45 a bottle.. And I need ~20 bottles.

Other options are to make something (drilling holes in and sealing bottle caps) or a 3d printed cap for bottle rockets that i thought I'd saved but now can't find.

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Also, it took me WAY too long to step up my pogo pin game. These things are great.

I discovered that the homebrew beer community has solved a lot of my problems for me already. Picked myself up a regulator and an adaptor to use sodastream co2 canisters as an air supply.

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TFW your pcb gets this tight on space and you start questioning your choices.

@jmwright uploads are failing again =(

Is there a preferred way for me to share pics/video that doesn't chew space? I can link to images but thats not as nice visually on the posts. Videos can go on YT i guess

Its also quite difficult to squeeze a few different recipes into a small number of ingredients. So it'd be quite nice to just be able to make everything.

Unfortunately I likely now have a month wait as everything is coming on the aliexpress slow boat.

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With a shrink down to 6mm tubing from the current 9mm, I can fit 19 feeds into a reasonable sized nozzle, vs the 8 i can get now (any bigger and the nozzle is wider than the glass).

Thats great because the biggest issue with the current machine is it can only take 8 ingredients at once.

Unfortunately, 20 solenoid valves is going to cost me upwards of $1000 πŸ˜•

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More parts coming for drinks robot V.. V3? 4? IDK.

Why have i never heard of pinch valves before?

If anyone has any experience with pressurised systems, @ me. I'm thinking of pressurising all of the bottles and letting fluid out with pinch valves. Requires an air supply without oil in it, and no leaks πŸ€”

Toshiba: "would you like our $200 wifi adaptor so you can use our cloud app with your new heatpump?"

Me: "no, but I will use this $5 board and this code from github for local control through home assistant".

@jmwright image uploads are failing from my tusky again?

Just got a heatpump installed today and I'm more excited about making it speak MQTT than not melting in the summer.

... Does whoever owns MQTT do sponsorships? πŸ˜‚

5am start was worth it for this video. The first calm day of 2021!

I've officially given up on running my own email server and moved everything over to ProtonMail. The final straw was being blocked by Outlook (again) and AT&T. Neither company would give me a reason for the block and both refuse to unblock me.

My whole email server sent maybe 20 emails a month and i literally cannot do business when i can't email customers. Just another part of the internet ruined by huge companies that think they own the place.

What's the point of having a cocktail robot if your cat can't pour you a drink:

Putting LEDs in your RC planes has historically meant you needed to write code to control them. I've built an LED controller that you can configure over wifi with your phone.

So we had another party over the weekend. I don't think we had a single issue with the new scanner, the new PSUs kept it in calibration, and everyone had a great time. At least the bits i remember were good πŸ€”

I really want to make a new frame with more pumps, but I'm drawing a blank on how it should look other than this:

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Its actually quite a challenge to come up with a list of 8 ingredients, from which you can make several drinks. Here's an example for an upcoming party:

Orange juice
Cranberry juice
Lime juice
Passionfruit syrup

- Hurricane (rum/passionfruit/lime)
- Cosmopolitan (vodka/cran/lime/cointreau)
- Cranberry zombie (rum/cran/lime)
- Vodka cranberry
- Vodka orange

I feel like this is an O(n^2) problem..

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I also replaced the power supply to fix the issue of the machine going out of calibration due to fluctuating voltage.

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Small update, I've put a few coats of clearcoat on the glass holder/drain. My 3d prints are not typically water tight and my concern was coloured liquid getting in there and staining the print.

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