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I plan on giving updates on what I'm working on here, since I'm useless at writing blogs. I'm hoping i can stick to short regular updates.

Here's my cocktail machine. I'm currently writing the software for it!

5am start was worth it for this video. The first calm day of 2021!

I've officially given up on running my own email server and moved everything over to ProtonMail. The final straw was being blocked by Outlook (again) and AT&T. Neither company would give me a reason for the block and both refuse to unblock me.

My whole email server sent maybe 20 emails a month and i literally cannot do business when i can't email customers. Just another part of the internet ruined by huge companies that think they own the place.

What's the point of having a cocktail robot if your cat can't pour you a drink:

Putting LEDs in your RC planes has historically meant you needed to write code to control them. I've built an LED controller that you can configure over wifi with your phone.

So we had another party over the weekend. I don't think we had a single issue with the new scanner, the new PSUs kept it in calibration, and everyone had a great time. At least the bits i remember were good 🤔

I really want to make a new frame with more pumps, but I'm drawing a blank on how it should look other than this:

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Its actually quite a challenge to come up with a list of 8 ingredients, from which you can make several drinks. Here's an example for an upcoming party:

Orange juice
Cranberry juice
Lime juice
Passionfruit syrup

- Hurricane (rum/passionfruit/lime)
- Cosmopolitan (vodka/cran/lime/cointreau)
- Cranberry zombie (rum/cran/lime)
- Vodka cranberry
- Vodka orange

I feel like this is an O(n^2) problem..

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I also replaced the power supply to fix the issue of the machine going out of calibration due to fluctuating voltage.

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Small update, I've put a few coats of clearcoat on the glass holder/drain. My 3d prints are not typically water tight and my concern was coloured liquid getting in there and staining the print.

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I haven't worked on the cocktail robot in a while, but i have been busy! I built a case full of a r-pi and radios and stuck it on my roof. It contributes to

The next sign. Made for a friend who's into tonkas. Turns out the pink and red wire look similar when they're off. Whoops.

I love it when a plan comes together. A neon-esque sign from the bar in the movie "Cocktail".

This was made by 3D printing a frame and using it to shape el-wire.

Should this go on the cocktail robot or above my bar at home? :happy:

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100 zipties.. Check
Epoxy all over my hands.. Check.

Hopefully this was worth it

Added event-based glass detection that controls the bottom set of LEDs. Then mucked around for an hour with multi-thread locking and misreading the library docs. Just for this..

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I can only apologise for not thinking to do this the first time around. Why did i think a black, non-glowing platform was acceptable?

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Got the loadcell functioning as a glass detector. There is just a weight threshold. It turns some lights bright white so you can see your glass 😁

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Promise kept! Platform done.

Theres not many things in life that require you to google "splashless urinal mat", but now i have! Hopefully water dripping onto this platform wont splash too much. Plus it has drain holes in it to drain out under the machine 👍

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The loadcell is mounted and a hole cut above it. Time to make the platform!

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