I plan on giving updates on what I'm working on here, since I'm useless at writing blogs. I'm hoping i can stick to short regular updates.

Here's my cocktail machine. I'm currently writing the software for it!

The 6 pumps you see are peristaltic pumps. Chosen for accuracy in pouring small amounts. They flatten anything carbonated though, so there's some air pumps in the back for pumping soda.


Software side is using .NET Core 3.0, Razor components running on a Pi, with the IoT library for controlling Pi hardware.

Mainly went this way because C# dev is part of my day job and i like the new razor components in 3.0.

@IVData So are Razor components similar to React components?

@jmwright yes, in that you can define them and then reuse them with a tag etc. The cool thing for me is that I can call C# from user interaction so i can mostly avoid js 🙄

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