More parts coming for drinks robot V.. V3? 4? IDK.

Why have i never heard of pinch valves before?

If anyone has any experience with pressurised systems, @ me. I'm thinking of pressurising all of the bottles and letting fluid out with pinch valves. Requires an air supply without oil in it, and no leaks 🤔

With a shrink down to 6mm tubing from the current 9mm, I can fit 19 feeds into a reasonable sized nozzle, vs the 8 i can get now (any bigger and the nozzle is wider than the glass).

Thats great because the biggest issue with the current machine is it can only take 8 ingredients at once.

Unfortunately, 20 solenoid valves is going to cost me upwards of $1000 😕

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Its also quite difficult to squeeze a few different recipes into a small number of ingredients. So it'd be quite nice to just be able to make everything.

Unfortunately I likely now have a month wait as everything is coming on the aliexpress slow boat.

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I discovered that the homebrew beer community has solved a lot of my problems for me already. Picked myself up a regulator and an adaptor to use sodastream co2 canisters as an air supply.

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My next problem that needs solving is a way to pressurise a soda bottle, and have a tube to the bottom of the bottle that fluid can come out of. The homebrew people have solved this too, but at $45 a bottle.. And I need ~20 bottles.

Other options are to make something (drilling holes in and sealing bottle caps) or a 3d printed cap for bottle rockets that i thought I'd saved but now can't find.

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