TIL has a repo for graphics to replace the need for the original files (from rollercoaster tycoon 2)


Aaand its down again. *Really* thinking about a new VPS provider, any suggestions?

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πŸ¦€ πŸ¦€ /r/the_donald is no more πŸ¦€ πŸ¦€

man, github's redesign is THE WORST πŸ™„

Heard that has a native lsp (WIP). Does this mean you don't need a plugin to use something like rust-analyzer? πŸ€”

does twitter know something about coronavirus i don’t?

Is #FeedHQ (feedhq.org) dead? I've got a report that they removed a user's feeds a year ago. I see they updated the copyright on the site for 2020, but their code repo is not updated since November 2018.

Please boost, I need to know if I can remove the support from #Newsboat.

Released #Newsboat 2.20.1 just now. It fixes four regressions, so it's a good idea to upgrade. newsboat.org

We are happy to announce that #NLnet is funding #Lemmy development! At the same time, we are releasing Lemmy v0.7.0 with new image hosting and many more features.


If you're a developer and not an english native speaker, which language do you use for your development tools?

Please don't answer if you're a native english speaker, not to bias the results. Boosts appreciated :)

#translation #internationalization #i18n

#Newsboat 2.20 is out now, check it out: newsboat.org It's a #console/#terminal #atom/#rss reader that I maintain.

You know there is no real major news sources anymore when things like Viktor Filinkov's situation is not reported about on the "news".

Lemmy is a free open source federated alternative to Reddit:


It's still in early beta and the federation isn't stable yet, but when it is finished it will make Lemmy part of the Fediverse through ActivityPub.

🌟 Try the beta instances at dev.lemmy.ml/ and feddit.social/

🌟 Help out development at github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy

🌟 Donate to the project at

🌟 Contribute translations at

#Lemmy #Fediverse #Reddit #ActivityPub

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