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Cataclysm DDA is a fascinating game, it might be the largest group volunteer collaborative authoring of a virtual world I know of.

It is apparent in many open world video games that there is only so much content creation a small number of devs can do (thus limiting players movement so they dont see everything immediately becomes important).

Cataclysm doesn't seem to suffer this as much, it is just absolutely bursting with content.

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Here ya here ya, the first official LibreSprite version is out 🎉

Featuring double symmetry, a brand new scripting system (Lua and JS), a solid copy-paste system, and much much more 💆‍♀️

Download 👉️

#freesoftware #foss #pixelart #gamedev #libresprite

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November Update Time!

- #PinePhonePro first impressions & more details

- #PinePhone (Pro) production keyboard impressions - available next month for $49.95

- #SOQuartz Blade hostboard

- #InfiniTime 1.7 update for #PineTime

and much more!

Read here:

I've noticed that no matter what I think I'm looking for in a distro, I keep gravitating back to

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#rust tools that are quite useful:

rust-analyzer and other IDE plugins compress warnings and error messages, this can be a problem as cargo and rustc will give you more context and somethings even the solution.

BaCon bridges this, it a background compiler, i quite like it :)

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symmetrist (are you on mastodon?) pulled off a Vccq hardware mod to increase the eMMC speed of @PINE64 #pinephone 1.2 from 55 MB/s to 125 MB/s, added great documentation to the wiki and cleverly packaged the device tree overlay so it is entirely optional 👏

Wish there were more (independent) Linux distros.

It turns out that libgit2 is having a time right now and messing Cargo up.

"invalid version 0 on git_proxy_options; class=Invalid (3)"

sux, prob have to wait for an update

Trying to learn how to use the Open Build Service for adding to .

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wow! Just looked at The amount of people using @opensuse Tumbleweed increased heavily this year. A peak of about 161% from last year's total users.

This looks pretty cool

"A one man effort to produce an open source, intuitive and high performance Dwarf Fortress-esque game. Needs a name."

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Did you know: Software needs a free license to be considered as "free"? Adding no license means that all copyright remains to you by default.

Please check that your repos are under a proper free and open-source software or content licence.

Also check the new article about licensing that was contributed to the Docs a few days ago

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Here's an RPG prototype by Just_Visiting, shared on the #Minetest Discord


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Congratulations to @PINE64 for launching the #pinephonepro - just like the original #pinephone, this will surely be an amazing catalyst for the whole alternative Linux smartphone OS community! 🚀

So if you have been under a rock today, here's the original announcement:

@martijnbraam made this killer video about it:

...and of course prepared a merge request to put it into postmarketOS edge:

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