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With #PeerTube, you can livestream videos using RTMP compatible software (OBS, Restream, ffmpeg…) 👉 #FreeTheCreators

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ok, so, Knives Out is one of the greatest movies ever made...

The people do not get enough praise. It is an incredible platform and so user friendly.

So what's up with this whole fedora, fsfe, debian, pocock thing? I'm confused.

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To solve #accessibility for our current simple image captcha, and avoiding proprietary SaaS-S, we wrote down some notes and ideas - including the idea to write a simple self-hostable text-based #Captcha service from scratch.

What do you think? Interested to participate? We are looking for your input to


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If you are siding with Russia's government during this conflict, please block me.

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🎉 Yesterday we released #PeerTube 4.1.0 🎉

We improved the video player especially on mobile devices (fast rewind/forward using double tap, bigger control bar, play/pause overlay etc), added more admin customizations like disabling P2P or comments by default, made search improvements and many more!

Check the blog post for more information:

Fluffychat only has one thing not working on the pinephone pro... it types everything backwards! (the cursor doesn't move after a letter is pressed)

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Did some new skills icons for Veloren: you can already find them in the official release 🎉

#pixelart #mastoart #art #ドット絵 #gamedev

If anyone is wondering foot works perfectly on the pinephonepro!

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Friendly reminder that if you like what I do and you want to support it, you can donate at 🌸

I could trick you by saying that it'll make me more productive warts and all, but it'd actually cut me some slack. God I'd love some slack 🐌

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Guess which @Minetest texture pack comes with fancy beds now.

Hell yeah you're right: Soothing 32 update released 💆‍♀️

#minetest #pixelart #gamedev #art #mastoart

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