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Good evening!

We are currently starting to organize our next General Assembly. It allows us to have discussions about the bigger topics around the project and the community and elections for our committees will take place. Get involved, leave your comment, step up for the elections and help us improving #Funkwhale in the future!

For any questions or feedback, just reply in the comments or visit our Forum:

Moneyball (2011) Review 

This is a great film, yes the plot is so loosely based on real life that it is practically fiction, but the movie itself is very well done. Brad Pitt is amazing in everything. 8/10

Hush (2016) Review 

I heard this was a very unique horror movie so I wanted to see it. Yes, it is unique in the fact that she is deaf so most of the movie has no dialog, but other than that it is very stereotypical of what horror movies do. 6.5/10

The Dark Knight Rises (2012) Review 

Great batman movie, although had a lot of things that took me out of the immersion. Really made me want a fourth Batman movie. 7.5/10

The Dark Knight (2008) Review 

Phenomenal acting by Heath Ledger that stole the show. Amazing movie with a lot packed into it. 9.5/10

Batman Begins (2005) Review 

Wonderful Batman movie, Christian Bale has been the best Batman that has existed. Some moments could have been removed but overall a great movie that shows the origins of Bruce Wayne and great film overall. 8.5/10

The World's End Review (spoilers?) 

Was a nice movie until the twist in the middle. It got better towards the end but felt like the movie could've been better if they stuck with a movie like the first half. 8/10

John Wick Ch. 2 Review 

Watched John Wick: Chapter 2. It was definitely not as good as the first one. Worst part was the lack of believable scenarios; very cartoonish.


Just watched John Wick. The perfect action movie. The cinematography was the best part. 9/10

ugh I got to stop semi-trusting not well known trackers

Just watched Philadelphia. Well made , very emotional. 8/10

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Here is a follow on to last year's popular talk about #sway and how it has progressed. You can get a lot more information about this full #Wayland Desktop Environment based on #sway by just listening to this 15-minute @opensuse Conference talk.

Need a game launcher written in so bad ;n;

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I pushed Cataclysm DDA 0.F to guix the other day but haven't had a chance to play it much.

The big feature of the release seems to be about the clothes inventory management: "it has pockets!!!!"

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Do you think we should have a regular @opensuse community meeting? We have a survey with four questions to help us determine interest and timeframes. You can fill in the survey at

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#postmarketOS release v21.06 is out! This one is based on #AlpineLinux 3.14 which was just released half a month ago - we're getting pretty good at tracking alpine releases now 🥳

Read all about it here:

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