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Found a project that I hope takes off. If anyone is interested, you should help them!

Kinda worried that jokes I make on here will seem serious cuz my account is pretty “monotone”.

Also, I am bad at jokes ¯\_(> ͜つ >)_/¯

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CryptPad v2.22.0 (Wolf) is deployed on and released on GitHub:

Not many features this time around because we're working towards some huge improvements we've been planning for a while. We'll talk about that soon!

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Dear Fediverse,

Please recommend me some #FOSS projects that write release announcements you like; extra kudos if you explain why you like them. It struck me that I spend quite a bit of time writing mine, so perhaps I can learn from someone who's doing a better job than me.

Ideal scenario: Falling in love with someone that posts open source memes :opensource:

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Someone should make an open and community-driven Stack Overflow alternative.

Anyone know of an open alternative to QR Codes?

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Hi there,
Can't help noticing that I am having a hard time finding fediverse accounts about my domain. Any chance you know people talking about #AbstractInterpretation, #StaticAnalysis, #SymbolicExecution, #SMT solvers and #FormalMethods in general?

Thanks in advance!

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I will be taking submissions over e-mail at first (I do not expect a lot to come quickly).

If you are a server owner, and you have:

1) A server policy against racism, sexism and transphobia

2) Daily database backups

3) At least one other person with emergency access to server infrastructure

4) Commit to giving users at least 3 months advance warning before closing down your server

E-mail with the subject "Server submission". I'll try to figure out the blurb/category

Is there and ETA on when can be used mainstream, like HEVC?

Getting followed by creators of awesome projects I admire is so cool and exciting! It really shows how close the open source community can be :D

One thing that I think is unsolvable when it comes to social media is keeping places from scraping your data. It is scary how much stuff is out there that can do that and just how advanced they are.

Just me worrying about things when I don’t need to ᘳꖘ﹏ꖘᘰ

It's really fun to look up super obscure open source projects. I look on the AUR, Github, Gitlab, and sometimes just a simple search. Here is one I found that I thought is kinda interesting:

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All these developers going nuts about Windows getting the Linux kernel built in, when Linux has had the Linux kernel built in this whole time...


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I'm trying to outrage the Internet with my ignorance, to make it tell me how to do #Rust FFI correctly:

It doesn't work so far :( I'll probably repost this to StackOverflow in a few days.

I feel so naked and helpless now that I cannot use Firefox for a few days... definitely one of many of my first world problems ꔸ ͜つ ꔸ

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