I really want to try , but it is not on pacman and is outdated on the AUR :(

Need clarification:

Does using an open source license negate the need for a patent?

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#Newsboat 2.15 is out! A slim release, mostly because 2.14.1 was published just a bit over a month ago. Tarballs are on the site: newsboat.org/

I wish "refreshed" the number of replies automatically. It's annoying seeing 0 but clicking the toot and seeing like 20 replies.

Signed up for privacy.com, now I got to test it out on some site 🙃

@minoru I have podcasts in my feed yet for all of them when I press 'e' to download the podcast it says "Invalid URL: ''"

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Don't buy into the idea of Stadia people!

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Fallout: New Vegas has the best intro in my opinion,,, such a classic!

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Saying "I'm not going to read the code so it's okay if it's not free/open-source" is like saying "I don't vote so it's okay if not everyone is allowed to"

OMG @sir is on mastodon! How did I not realize that!

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We forgot to mentiion that the release notes for CryptPad 2.18.0 (codenamed Sloth) were posted behind schedule.

Check them out on GitHub (github.com/xwiki-labs/cryptpad).

The short version is that you can use [TOC] in markdown mode to insert a table-of-contents. Give it a try!

Wow the r/emulation subreddit is super toxic

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I'm notoriously bad at explaining things to people, so does anyone have a video or writeup I can link to for explaining why it matters that a piece of software is open source?

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