I really love the firefox screenshot tool, so it's disappointing that there really isn't any screeenshot tool that comes close to it. :/

Also, watch @ChrisWere 's video to disable the cloud save:

But if you want more, here is a script to use to make firefox as private and secure as possible:

@Sylphox @ChrisWere FWIW, with the sunset of Firefox Test Pilot, the upload screenshot button will be removed entirely in the near future.

The screenshot tool itself will, of course, stick around.

@Sylphox @ChrisWere that’s what I have been waiting for! It will most def. save me a couple of seconds in the future screenshots (I always end up either wrongly saving to the cloud or taking an extra moment to see the tooltip and to be sure I choose the right button) thanks for the tip!

@Sylphox @ChrisWere Yes, since the new plugin format the screenshot tools got diminished. Did you try the "Page Saver WE" plugin?

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