@Sylphox I do! I'm using and maintaining it :) Do you have a question?

@minoru Awesome!! Yes, it's about passwordeval. I don't really understand how to use it with gpg.

@Sylphox Set it to "gpg -d /path/to/the/encrypted/file". Check beforehand that this command does print out your password.

Also note that there is a bug in 2.14.1 that prevented passwordeval from asking for the password on the terminal; e.g. pinentry-curses doesn't work. This will be fixed in 2.15. For now, use X input or add your key to gpg-agent before starting Newsboat.

Toots are rather short; be sure to ask more questions if this wasn't helpful enough.

@minoru The problem is that that is exactly what I did. But thank you so much for helping :)

@Sylphox Okay, I need more details then.

What Newsboat version are you running? What remote service are you using? What errors are you getting from Newsboat (I assume "Authentication failed")? Can you reproduce with default gpg.conf? How about Newsboat config with just -login and -passwordeval?

@minoru I am running 2.14.1 and I am using newsblur. Yes I am getting Authentication failed. What do you mean by reproduce the gpg.conf?

@Sylphox I mean use the default ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf. If you aren't familiar with this, you must have never edited it, so yours is default already. Ignore this suggestion then :)

Can you post the exact newsblur-passwordeval line you have?

If you run `gpg -d file` a few times, only the first run should ask for a password. Can you do that, and then immediately start Newsboat in the same terminal? (This will use gpg-agent; I am checking if the problem is with password-asking program)



newsblur-passwordeval "gpg -d newsblurpassword.gpg"

I tried the last thing and still didn't work

@Sylphox Did the last thing ask for password only on first invocation?

Try using absolute paths: /usr/bin/gpg -d /home/user/newsblurpassword.gpg.

Are you able to build Newsboat from source? I'm out of ideas and am considering adding some debug output to see what's wrong.

Have to go sleep now; and then to work. Talk to you in 19 hours or so.

@minoru OMG IT WORKED!!! It was needing absolute path. Thank you so much dude you are awsome!!!!!

@Sylphox Yay! 🎉 Thanks for sticking with it instead of giving up!

Was an absolute path to newsblurpassword.gpg enough, or did it need path to gpg as well? Or vice versa? I want to know what exactly caused this so I can add it to the docs.

@minoru It was just needing an absolute path to newsblurpassword.gpg, so yeah it was enough. I can't thank you enough :D

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