I'm making open source emojis!!!

I would really appreciate contributions and feedback!


@Sylphox Are these really the #Unicode emojis you are trying to make? I.e. if so, you know, these are many… #emoji

@rugk They are SVG & PNG images, so they can be used on Mastodon and other places. No not Unicode.

@Sylphox obviously they are, but the question was whether you follow the Unicode standard when designing them, i.e. want to design all these standardized emojis.

So your's may be yours as custom emojis on Mastodon, as it seems.

@Sylphox Ehm, you don't know them??

see basically…
any bigger Messenger/OS nowadays has/uses them.

Quite unrelated but I have a made Firefox add-on as an emoji picker, so I kinda know that stuff…

@rugk Huh, I don't know exactly what to do. Is there a guide to make them standard?

@Sylphox Well… you don't make them standard. You _use_ the definitions of emojis and create your own emojis after them.

(Poposing new emojis is done like Unicode always did it with new character classes or what they did before they became o "famous", because of emojis.)

Generally, look around emojiipedia and what unicode does/is etc. and you'll see how that thing works.

@rugk so basically name them what Unicode calls them? Sorry, it is kinda confusing to me even looking at the site.

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