This is absolutely incredible. A game taking inparation from Rimworld and Dwarf Fortress that is open source and written in Rust!

Surprised there isn't a way to search for projects with a meta search of all code repositories known. Hopefully when gets federation, it will happen.

TIL has a repo for graphics to replace the need for the original files (from rollercoaster tycoon 2)

Got jellyfin port forwarded W/VPN!!!! Now need to learn how to secure it.

Wish someone made an open source database for games.

If anyone is stuck using windows but wants all their programs foss, I'd recommend using ImageGlass as an image viewer.

I love that when @Gargron toots about tons of people give him advice and suggestions to help. This is just one of the things that makes tech so amazing and shows how constructive things can be when devs and users converse like good friends :D

I'm making open source emojis!!!

I would really appreciate contributions and feedback!


Please follow the dev feed for Veloren at

It is a voxel game inspired by Cube World... but it is !!!!

Can we all take a minute and appreciate the hard work open source emulator devs are doing?


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