every cs student should take an ethics class

@minoru also also, is there a way to enqueue everything at once?

@minoru damn, well thank you for helping me dude. Maybe that could be a feature to add :)

@minoru I'm finding it confusing on how to get it to be put in podboat. I have the feeds in newsboat and am confused on how to proceed. Also, how to make it automated, like downloads as soon as a new episode is available. Thanks!

Hey @minoru is it possible to use as a podcast client? Like automatically download episodes?

I'm disappointed in Lutris and that they took back the "Fuck you Riot" post :(

I hope this gets a lot of attention. A dead simple image viewer. No nonsense, just show-you-the-image. It looks like it is trying to be easily embeddable in other software, which is so cool!


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