Anyone know of good alternatives to ? Something that you can put any distro on. I found this if it helps:

I’m kinda missing already. I think I’m gonna go back and try and deal with the problems

But I’m worried I’m making a mistake. Yet the thing freezes and doesn’t work well with the trackpad :/

I really hate Raspberry Pi’s. Also my isn’t doing well :(

Also my internet is fucked up for no reason.

Technology hates me

I get that the#ArchWiki is very big and covers almost everything, but some of the explanations & guides are written without context. Like it will say to do one thing but not explain how to do that one thing. Smh.

Still glad to have the resources tho!

An awesome feature for @pixelfed would be to strip metadata when uploading pictures. Would increase privacy greatly :)

I got my new laptop!!!!!!

Running (frst time with stuff)

Also, anyone know any good tutorials to make into a editor?

Sad that uses so I’m testing out an alternative but it doesn’t even come close to the number of features that riot has. Still gunna use anyway, hopefully the riot team gets rid of electron soon.

Getting a laptop, just gotta choose a distro.

Wtf, doesn't have a news feed option?! I need my !

I got myself hyped for so I’ll be trying to learn that in 2019!

Ok I’ve been gone for a little while and... I got no excuse ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Sorry

But I’m back

Does anyone know if there is a list of Linux phones that are out & coming out that are not android?

So Firefox got rid of their rss button, anyone have any suggestions for a replacement extension?

OMG an open source plex alternative!! My dreams have come true!!

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