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We have disappeared way too long from this amazing network.. Hang tight, we're coming back!

@jmwright @Tay0 I compared both gcode files and seems that prusaslicer boost the Z travel quite a bit 6000mm/m of feedrate agaisnt 600mm/m in cura. I guess that is making my machine loosing some steps, will change the travel settings in prusaslicer and try again. :)

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vs ...I am trying to move away from cura but some interesting results are happening! the two on the left are sliced in prusa and the most right one in cura. Same filament, print temps and speeds. prusaslicer always squashes benchy quite a bit :( I like prusa slicer GUI a bit more but the results are very poor.

been busy lately, forgetting to upload things here! the is up and running with a lot of tweaks still to go. Building some clones, the streams and rings, and a simple bench lab power supply!
PS: why is always failing to upload photos?!

my half half Frankenstein is in the works. upgrading from a BQ hephestos, learned that isn't quite a clone of the prusa so a lot of fiddling. Can't wait for the electronics and firmware challenge.

finally installed the oleds in the ! still having problems with the that I bought from . after reflowing everything, the one with the metal blank front panel still behaves oddly, weird glitches and too long time to refresh once I turn the encoder. the left one didn't let me flash at all since there was always a signature failure. after desoldering an atmega from an mini pro and replacing it into the uBraids everything worked!

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