vs ...I am trying to move away from cura but some interesting results are happening! the two on the left are sliced in prusa and the most right one in cura. Same filament, print temps and speeds. prusaslicer always squashes benchy quite a bit :( I like prusa slicer GUI a bit more but the results are very poor.

@jmwright @Tay0 I compared both gcode files and seems that prusaslicer boost the Z travel quite a bit 6000mm/m of feedrate agaisnt 600mm/m in cura. I guess that is making my machine loosing some steps, will change the travel settings in prusaslicer and try again. :)

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@benuron This is interesting. I use PrusaSlicer almost exclusively and have not noticed this, but I've never done a side-by-side with Cura.

It seems like Prusa is becoming a walled garden. I wonder if it works better on a printer with their firmware. Their mini is defintely not open and I think this is where they're going.

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