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Just want to post a reminder that if you're on this instance and you're not into making the same types of things you see me post, that's ok. If you're making (or have made) a thing and want to share it, please feel free. I'll usually post things that are electronics or mechanics related, but I'm always interested in seeing the diverse things that makers create.

Does anyone else running Ubuntu MATE or Xubuntu 19.04 find their WIFI randomly cutting out?

All parts of the upgrade are finished now. Please let me know if you have any issues on this instance going forward.

We're back up. I switched us to block storage as part of a broader upgrade. Please let me know if you experience any issues, especially related to attachments. Once it seems like this change went ok I'll proceed with the rest of the upgrade.

Going to be doing server maintenance on There will likely be service interruptions.

How to choose best LCD for your industrial grade OSHW OLinuXino Linux computer? We wrote LCD-OLinuXino selection guide to explain what are your options, touch interfaces, drivers

Comprehensive Arduino lessons. What is PWM — pulsar with increasing brigtness.

Comprehensive Arduino lessons. LED, resistor and breadboard — making a flashlight.

Know any good video tutorials on installing ? I like the official guide but it is hard for me to understand by reading rather than watching.

A new 'testing' suite has been created and populated ready for development of Debian 11 (code name 'bullseye') to begin #releasingDebianBuster

Part 3 of my New Zealand FPV tour has been posted. Here's a playlist of all of the parts so far:

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