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Just want to post a reminder that if you're on this instance and you're not into making the same types of things you see me post, that's ok. If you're making (or have made) a thing and want to share it, please feel free. I'll usually post things that are electronics or mechanics related, but I'm always interested in seeing the diverse things that makers create.

Snekboard – An open-hardware python microcontroller for LEGO by @keith_x11 @crowd_supply supports CircuitPython! @circuitpython « Adafruit Industries – Makers, hackers, artists, designers and engineers!

A sad day for Rust

The author describes a ontroversy over the use of unsafe code in a popular web framework package.

The Astropy Project is a community effort to develop a common core package for Astronomy in and foster an ecosystem of interoperable astronomy packages.

Anyone have experience with -debrid? Is it worth the money?


You've got to be kidding me. After all these years...

I haven't worked on the cocktail robot in a while, but i have been busy! I built a case full of a r-pi and radios and stuck it on my roof. It contributes to

Vu au Maker Faire Paris le week en dernier / Saw at the Maker Faire Paris last week

Wow just tried out and it is so beautiful! You guys should really try it out:

I really want to play but I am still waiting on open source assets to be implemented. The closest project I have found is

If anyone wants to help the OpenRCT2 Project with anything, here is the repo:

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