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Just want to post a reminder that if you're on this instance and you're not into making the same types of things you see me post, that's ok. If you're making (or have made) a thing and want to share it, please feel free. I'll usually post things that are electronics or mechanics related, but I'm always interested in seeing the diverse things that makers create.

Linus Torvalds hails ‘historic’ Linux 5.10 for ditching defunct addressing artefact | The Register

There are hurdles to Psychotria viridis cultivation in the southwest American desert: Occasionally freezing weather is one of them. I designed and constructed a soil heater. Materials: fiberglass tubing from Max Gain Systems, RT-12, OD .5", ID .25". Also nichrome wire, 26 gauge at 2.6 ohms/foot. I pushed the wire into teflon 22 gauge teflon tubing before inserting it into the fiberglass tubing. Total resistance is 122 ohms = 108 watts for 115 VAC power.

How on earth do you show battery life on the swaybar?! Absolutly shocking that there is nothing that works when I look it up :O

Mobile, Open-Hardware, RISC-V System-on-Chip (SoC) Development Kit
They're very focused on the security aspect of it.

Autodesk Announces Major Changes To Fusion 360 Personal Use License Terms | Hackaday

It was inevitable. I'm glad I never let Fusion 360 become an integral part of my open hardware workflow.

Nvidia Acquires ARM For $40 Billion | Hackaday

I feel like the banner image is very appropriate.

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