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Just want to post a reminder that if you're on this instance and you're not into making the same types of things you see me post, that's ok. If you're making (or have made) a thing and want to share it, please feel free. I'll usually post things that are electronics or mechanics related, but I'm always interested in seeing the diverse things that makers create.

Open-source companies gather to gripe: Cloud giants sell our code as a service – and we get the square root of nothing • The Register

Anyone know a good way of sharing cool projects I find? Like I do kinda on here but I want a place where they could be all together so someone could look at them. Some sort of blog-type thing seems to be best.

tldr: looking for a place I can show off projects I found and talk about them.

I can only apologise for not thinking to do this the first time around. Why did i think a black, non-glowing platform was acceptable?

Got the loadcell functioning as a glass detector. There is just a weight threshold. It turns some lights bright white so you can see your glass 😁

Promise kept! Platform done.

Theres not many things in life that require you to google "splashless urinal mat", but now i have! Hopefully water dripping onto this platform wont splash too much. Plus it has drain holes in it to drain out under the machine 👍

Music lovers, here is a terminal program that plays any song you want by searching sites (like youtube)

The loadcell is mounted and a hole cut above it. Time to make the platform!

Tada ! J'ai enfin osé mettre à jour mon téléphone vers LineageOs 16 ! Ce n'était finalement pas si terrible ! Je n'ai même pas briqué mon téléphone ! Mon secret ? (appris lors de l'installation) Un téléphone branché pour une batterie à 100% ! /That's it!!!!! I finally dared to update my phone to LineageOS 16! It wasn't that bad after all! I didn't even bricked my phone! My secret? (learned during installation) A connected phone for a 100% battery!

Man do my side projects move slowly!

I've 3d printed a mount for the loadcell, i just need to mount it, and then build a platform that will hold the glasses that is suspended by the loadcell. Hopefully i will get that done this weekend.

In the meantime I've started making a faux neon sign from the movie "Cocktail" 😂

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