Got a PineTime open source watch devkit and put wasp-os on it. It was a fairly involved project, but it's great to be able to update the software and run a Python REPL over Bluetooth. It's my daily driver watch now.

@jmwright very nice ! I'm quite jealous. When it's had some time to mature I will be all over this project .

@GreyLinux Here's another option for a hackable and/or open source smart watch that might have a more developed ecosystem. I haven't looked too deeply into it though.

It about twice the price, but has some additional features like a GPS and compass (magnetometer). I guess they also have a JavaScript programming environment, and support things like Tensorflow Lite for machine learning. Might be worth checking out.

nice one 👍🏻, thanks for this I'll have a look now . I always like seeing alternatives to projects I like , so I can compare and see which suits my needs more .

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