, UBPorts CE and now this. I think there's a pattern in there somewhere. @PINE64

@GreyLinux I wanted an ARM system to do Rust software builds on, and I also needed something that supported the Vulkan graphics API. Raspberry PI Vulkan support is in progress, but isn't going to be practical for me for a long time. Also, if I'm being honest, I just wanted to try out an ARM system other than a Raspberry PI too. 😃

@jmwright I would be interested to hear how you get on with with it mate , once you've had a bit of time to play with it .

@GreyLinux I'll try to give an update once I'm settled in with it. I've been happy with the other Pine64 products I've gotten so far, and the ROCK64 seems really well designed and built. I have high hopes. We'll see once I get into the daily flow of using it.

@GreyLinux Not the best experience with the ROCKPro64 so far. I wrote up a gist with the only installation process I could get to work, and some of my thoughts. I'm struggling just to get the Rust toolchain working, which is a deal breaker if I can't. If I keep having to fight it, I'll probably just drop back to an RPi 4 and wait for the Vulkan drivers to mature.

@jmwright that's very interesting, I've been looking at using the board to run openmediavault and several docker containers including home assistant. The Nas case I'm eyeing comes with a fan so I'll be using that if I go with the rockpro64,But the temp running warm is a little concerning. When you say the only image was Debian is that because the others didn't suit your needs or were not mature enough for any use ?

@jmwright I was aiming to use armbian as I use that currently on the odroids I'm looking to replace

@GreyLinux I tried the desktop and CLI images here with no luck.

I tried writing the images with both Etcher and the xz command. I did find a MrFixit2001 desktop image that boots fine, but nothing else has. If you've got ideas I'm open to trying them.

just out of interest and I'm sure you have done it , but have you tried with the emmc removed and only boot from the sd card , I know emmc is priority booted before the sd and can simulate a failed boot .

also on my odroid's I have only ever used armbian buster server image kernel 4.4 so I'm not sure how well focal or the others do .

are you using the 5.4 kernel ?

@GreyLinux I have tried a couple of different Ubuntu/Armbian images with the emmc removed. Still won't boot the SD. I do think all the images I've used have the 5.4 kernel. I can try an image with an older kernel and see what happens.

@jmwright I do believe that even on the odroid the newer kernel has a few issues so maybe the 4.4 will work for the rockpro64

@GreyLinux Thanks for the info. I've been able to confirm that no 5.4 kernel image boots, but the 3 or so 4.4 kernel images I've tried have all booted. I confirmed that the Buster server image with the 4.4 kernel boots fine, so you'd at least be able to run the same Armbian server version that you have on your Odroids.

@jmwright that's great news glad I could help. This also encourages me to get a rockpro64 . Although I am considering waiting for the new hardrock64 when it gets released . Excuse the pun but I'm caught between a rock and a hard place deciding between the two 😉

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