@technomancy It seems like you might have contributed to microscheme for Arduino at some point. If I understand correctly, Fennel compiles to Lua, so it works as standard Lua. Do you think the same thing could be done with a Lisp language that had a transpiler to generate stock Arduino-C/C++? It would take an extra step, but it would give the Lisp language direct access to everything the Arduino lib has to offer.

@jmwright sure; I think what you're describing is

but similar to microscheme it's really only barely a lisp. Fennel works as a lisp because Lua is designed to be used interactively, so reloading and repl use are already available in the runtime; Arduino has no means for anything like that, so the lispiness is all somewhat superficial in the syntax and not in the runtime interaction. not particularly satisfying IMO.

@technomancy Thanks for the link, I didn't know Ferret existed. I see what you're saying about it being a superficial lisp, although I don't really use interactive features like the repl to their full extent anyway. I need to improve in that area.

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