3D printed Nintendo Switch card holder with screw on top. eSun PLA Pro filament. The threads were printed in place and work great.

Face shield 3D prints. The orange one (top) was printed with PETG at 0.35 mm layer height. The grey one is PLA printed at 0.2 mm layer height. The PETG print has some imperfections in it, but using the larger layer height cuts an hour off the print time. These are both the NIH version for the US, which is a remix of the one designed by Prusa Research, who made my Prusa i3 Mk2 printer.

First ever print with PETG filament. I'm pretty happy with how this material printed. The resulting parts are supposed to be more durable than PLA, and be able to survive higher temperatures.

Got a PineTime open source watch devkit and put wasp-os on it. It was a fairly involved project, but it's great to be able to update the software and run a Python REPL over Bluetooth. It's my daily driver watch now.



The pieces of the E3D v6 hotend for my 3D printer. I bent the heat brake (3rd one from the left) while trying to change the nozzle.

Coiling a twist-tie your around wire bundles like this can help keep things under control while you're prototyping.

I've found that a pair of flush cutters work better than anything else for cleaning up flexible filament prints.

Do you think that if I pay for the expert installation an Amazon tech will come out and build my maker project for me?

Small stepper motors with controllers by Elegoo. Ready for use with an Arduino. Only about $14 USD on Amazon, and they came with the case. We'll see if they're worth it.


3. Don't forget to clear the nozzle when you're done with each coat. The coats were nice and even until the 4th one. I had forgotten to clear the nozzle after the 3rd and so the spray was a mess. That's why the top layer in this picture isn't more uniform.
4. Definitely always take safety precautions with products like this. That's not something I learned, but I was reminded of it because of how nasty this stuff is to spray.

We'll see if the robot walks better now.


I've seen multiple makers use Plasti Dip for projects. I've got 3D printed feet on a robot that don't grip on hard surfaces, so I thought I'd give it a shot.


Bought a refurbished Nexus 5 to try on. I love the way it works and feels, and it's really exciting to have a proper terminal on a phone. I have had the reboot problem that @hackerfriendly had though. I haven't put my SIM card in yet, and I'm running 15.04. I may try flashing the dev version of 16.04 onto it to see what happens. makerdon.org/media/UgOv1j6wxBP

unimatrix - Python script to simulate the display from "The Matrix" in a terminal. It looks good and is customizable too. makerdon.org/media/WC8MF0scaTS

3D printed Raspberry Pi cases. One is for a print server, the other is for OctoPrint and video streaming for my 3D printer.


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