The pieces of the E3D v6 hotend for my 3D printer. I bent the heat brake (3rd one from the left) while trying to change the nozzle.

Coiling a twist-tie your around wire bundles like this can help keep things under control while you're prototyping.

I've found that a pair of flush cutters work better than anything else for cleaning up flexible filament prints.

Do you think that if I pay for the expert installation an Amazon tech will come out and build my maker project for me?

Small stepper motors with controllers by Elegoo. Ready for use with an Arduino. Only about $14 USD on Amazon, and they came with the case. We'll see if they're worth it.

3. Don't forget to clear the nozzle when you're done with each coat. The coats were nice and even until the 4th one. I had forgotten to clear the nozzle after the 3rd and so the spray was a mess. That's why the top layer in this picture isn't more uniform.
4. Definitely always take safety precautions with products like this. That's not something I learned, but I was reminded of it because of how nasty this stuff is to spray.

We'll see if the robot walks better now.

I've seen multiple makers use Plasti Dip for projects. I've got 3D printed feet on a robot that don't grip on hard surfaces, so I thought I'd give it a shot.

Bought a refurbished Nexus 5 to try on. I love the way it works and feels, and it's really exciting to have a proper terminal on a phone. I have had the reboot problem that @hackerfriendly had though. I haven't put my SIM card in yet, and I'm running 15.04. I may try flashing the dev version of 16.04 onto it to see what happens.

unimatrix - Python script to simulate the display from "The Matrix" in a terminal. It looks good and is customizable too.

3D printed Raspberry Pi cases. One is for a print server, the other is for OctoPrint and video streaming for my 3D printer.

I'm pretty happy with how the snow shovel handle came out. There are a couple things I'll change in the script in case I ever print a replacement. The T-handle design works well for scooping and pushing show, and it fits my hands better than I expected. If anyone comes across this and is interested in making their own, let me know. The script has parameters that allow you to customize it for things like shaft diameter.

I guess I should have spent more time thinking about the proportions of my shovel handle in relation to the human hand. It looks like it should work, but might be a little awkward to use. Oh well. It's printing now and it's snowing out, so I should be able to test it in the morning.


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