Anyone know the differences between Librem 5 and Necunos?

Lately I've been using this awesome #Firefox addon named Temporary Containers.

You can set it on automatic and every time you open a link or a new tab it creates a fresh container for you, then destroys it when your done. This way the fact that every damn site wants to put a cookie on your system doesn't matter anymore.

With sites I want to keep login cookies for, like Mastodon, I just create dedicated containers and have the site always load in them.

Great addon.

@Sylphox This reply is proof that your toots do get read 😃

I decided to replace the old under-the-cabinet fluorescent lamp (hasn't worked in years) with an adhesive-backed LED strip (warm white from Ebay - $7.50 for 5 meters). I got a 12V switching power supply wall wart ($8.00 from Ebay), removed it from the case, and stuck it a wood box (held together with 5-minute epoxy). The box is stuck to the cabinet wood with Weldwood contact cement. The little brackets that help the LED strip stay up are made from 1/16" UHMW.

I'd like to take a moment to praise d-sub connectors (DB-25 etc). They're awesome. I'm surprised by the current they can handle every time I look it up. You can't connect them backwards and they're easy to solder to.

All of the motors on the Cocktailor are powered through a DB-25. A lot of my model planes have DB-9s in them to connect wings etc.

For anyone who wants to contribute to individual FreeCAD contributors, there's now a Librapay team page set up.

It's my understanding that when you donate to the team, it gets evenly distributed among everyone in the team. You can still donate separately, and all three of the devs on there currently are also on Patreon.

I'm working on a new mount for my lights stand. I decided to use M5 hardware for everything.

The whole square thing around 1/4-20 bolt was not a great idea, but version 2 is on the way.


Developing a high-speed photography toolkit that anyone can use.…

Original tweet:

If anyone is stuck using windows but wants all their programs foss, I'd recommend using ImageGlass as an image viewer.

I’m off to bed (UTC+10 lyfe) so here’s a photo of some of the cool new toys that have arrived this past week or two that I haven’t much gotten to play with yet. But now I’m less busy for a few weeks I have fun ahead of me! Will be back to talk about them in the morning (after a meeting about a lighting design gig, yeet)

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