Europeans Now Have The Right To Repair via Hackaday

A new law requires that replacement parts be available for a certain period of time, and that certain classes of appliances be designed in a way that allows them to be repaired.

On m'a prêté une brodeuse que je vais tester sur ma trousse pour clés ! (merci le Lab !)//They lent me an embroidery machine that I'm going to test on my kit for my wrenches!

Les abat-jours prennent des couleurs et font des petits dans l'atelier // the lampshades become coloured and multiply in the workshop.

Tacking Against The Sun: Flying A Batteryless Solar RC Plane Is Almost Like Sailing via Hackaday

Tagging @IVData in case this is of interest.

Ok, we're back up and running on Mastodon v3.0.1.

Doing some server maintenance on There may be a couple of service interruptions.

Mastodon 3.0: A short overview of some of our newest features - Official Mastodon Blog

Retour à mon projet de trousse pour mes clés. Croquis et prototype. Je me suis plantée dans le sens du tissu pour optimiser mes découpes, le tissu intérieur est à l'envers (tout l'intérêt du proto...) //Back to the kit for my wrenches. sketch and prototype. The fabric inside is upside down (that's the interest of the prototype)

@IVData Many zip ties were harmed in the making of this sign.

I love it when a plan comes together. A neon-esque sign from the bar in the movie "Cocktail".

This was made by 3D printing a frame and using it to shape el-wire.

Should this go on the cocktail robot or above my bar at home? :happy:

L'hiver arrive ! J'ai préparé des allume-feux avec les restes de bougies récupérés toute l'année et des copeaux. // Winter is coming. I made my firelighters with the leftover candles collected all year round and wood shavings.

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