The third alpha version of Semblage open source CAD has been released. Semblage is designed to be a mouse-driven application that blends the GUI and programmatic CAD worlds.

@IVData Uploads should work again. I still need to migrate us to a new server setup, I just haven't had time.

A perspective on what tools can be useful for a one-person hardware company.

My next problem that needs solving is a way to pressurise a soda bottle, and have a tube to the bottom of the bottle that fluid can come out of. The homebrew people have solved this too, but at $45 a bottle.. And I need ~20 bottles.

Other options are to make something (drilling holes in and sealing bottle caps) or a 3d printed cap for bottle rockets that i thought I'd saved but now can't find.

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TFW your pcb gets this tight on space and you start questioning your choices.

@IVData Sorry, just saw this. Uploads should be working again for a while. The images should be fine to upload. Are you uploading your full length videos on Makerdon that you post to YouTube? How large are the video uploads usually?

More parts coming for drinks robot V.. V3? 4? IDK.

Why have i never heard of pinch valves before?

If anyone has any experience with pressurised systems, @ me. I'm thinking of pressurising all of the bottles and letting fluid out with pinch valves. Requires an air supply without oil in it, and no leaks 🤔

Toshiba: "would you like our $200 wifi adaptor so you can use our cloud app with your new heatpump?"

Me: "no, but I will use this $5 board and this code from github for local control through home assistant".

@IVData Should be fixed now. Storage is the definitely the biggest challenge I have running a Mastodon server.

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