@IVData I've always thought FPV flying looks really fun. Enjoy!

The hardware rework is done, and things are no longer just hot glued to the back of the machine. I am however going away for the next 10 days.

3D printed this replacement plate on my router that lets me cut slots 0.75" from the edge of the material

Playing No Man's Sky.
On Linux...
Pretty darned addictive, I've sunk a fair few hours in already.

@otto9otto I've only got very rusty beginner-level brazing skills, but it does come in handy sometimes. What's the fungus for?

My little, but useful, fungus scraper is shown to the left of a petri dish of fungus that could be scraped. This is a sturdier version of the inoculation loop that microbiologists use.

I cut a strip of stainless, shaped it, stuck it into a stainless tube, forced in a little brazing paste (sra-solder.com/soldering-brazi), then torched it. For this little job, a propane torch might have been sufficient.

Brazing is a useful skill. Nobody showed me. I watched videos, bought stuff, then made mistakes.

I ported the Stage library for #ugame to use #CircuitPython displayio, which means it will now run on pretty much any CP board out there. Including the PyBadge — here are the Vacuum Invaders running on it. (Since the display is bigger than what the game expects, there is some garbage on the screen to the right — don't pay attention to it.)


@Sylphox Like what? I used it for a few days to try it out once, but not long enough to really get in the i3 mindset.

Just finished a new project, this time I embedded a full Windows 3.1 w/ a ton of utils into a coreboot ROM on a ThinkPad X200. Small showcase and blogpost: youtu.be/g6WYm0BsgNA

@Sylphox Not sure how the GitHub link ended up in there. I meant to post the second link only.

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