Check out this lil gizmo, for converting an RSS feed to ActivityPub. You can subscribe to an RSS feed in Mastodon (or whatever). So cool.

Thanks @ondra for telling me about it.

Shout out to @cameron for the really interesting on social media and RSS.

You're 100% right, RSS is incredibly underutilised and underappreciated, admittedly I use mine a fair bit and it works a treat.

Don't forget to subscribe to her #PeerTube here @cameron


Do you run a user group, makerspace, hackspace, code up, meet up, barcamp / unconference, #rjam, hack day or other meeting? Then I would love to hear from you so that I can promote your group in Linux Format for FREE! Head over to >> and let me know! Thx


Opportunity rover on Mars has sent it's last image. Sometime afterward it sent a final message:

"It is dark and my battery is low."

After the planetwide sandstorm of 2018, Opportunity was covered in dust and the windy season didn't clear it off. Now it is winter and Opportunity, unable to move to keep warm, will freeze.

GPIO Zero 1.5 - Updated version of the Python library for physical computing with the

@ervanalb Yeah, it's really interesting. I'm not sure what that type of gearbox with helical stepped planet gears is called. The design seems finicky to assemble, but I like it. I wonder if printing some of the gears using an SLA printer would work to make assembly and break-in easier.

3D printed robot arm with 6 degrees of freedom. Available on Thingiverse.

Original Prusa i3 MK3S and MMU2S release, SL1 and powder-coated sheets update - Prusa Printers from

's substitute command is really cool... just long to type out the whole command, but still really useful!

Resin printed 3D parts created by projecting a video into a cylinder of resin and rotating it in time with the video. It's fast, but only works on centimeter scale objects for now.

There's a YouTube video showing how it works in the post.

@return_0 Sure. I'll send a DM with an invite. After you log in you should see a guide on how Mastodon works. Feel free to ask questions too.

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