@benuron I have an i3 Mk2, so there's a lot that looks familiar on that printer. Will your upgrades add a heated bed?

my half half Frankenstein is in the works. upgrading from a BQ hephestos, learned that isn't quite a clone of the prusa so a lot of fiddling. Can't wait for the electronics and firmware challenge.

How DIY technologies are democratizing science « Adafruit Industries – Makers, hackers, artists, designers and engineers! blog.adafruit.com/2020/11/21/h

This is my hot water humidifier version b. It works better than the first attempt in that it does not get waterlogged then sink, due to the use of Styrofoam (vs packing foam in the first attempt) for the flotation function. There is also thin fiberglass top and bottom to avoid glue that did not work in hot water.

Fiberglass sheet is inexpensive, strong, and water-resistant. Working with it can be a pain, though, because fiberglass tends to quickly dull saw blades and drill bits. I have found that Black & Decker Very Thin Cutoff Disks work really well for cutting large holes in thin (.03") fiberglass sheet. That is the first photo.

For drilling holes, a 600-grit diamond attachment on the Dremel tool works as fast as a drill bit might. That is the second photo.

finally installed the oleds in the ! still having problems with the that I bought from . after reflowing everything, the one with the metal blank front panel still behaves oddly, weird glitches and too long time to refresh once I turn the encoder. the left one didn't let me flash at all since there was always a signature failure. after desoldering an atmega from an mini pro and replacing it into the uBraids everything worked!

I'm going to restart the server, so there will probably be a short service interruption.

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I needed to humidify the space where I grow mushrooms. This is a low-budget, fuss-free humidifier. Unlike commercial humidifiers, it does not require purified water. It works by heating water relative to the environment. Power can be controlled by plugging the cord into a variac or other transformer.

The plywood circle did not have sufficient buoyancy, so I glued some foam on top. The slot in the stainless tube accommodates the appendage on the cup heater to make it stay put.

For folks on the Makerdon instance. We've come to that time again where I need to increase our storage capacity. There will be background changes going on over the next week or two. I'll try to let everyone know when there will be service interruptions, but also wanted to say something now in case something unexpected happens.

@ChrisWere All of the above info would be fantastic. Mic, mixer, capture software (OBS or other), editing software, tips and tricks. It seems like you would have a lot of valuable knowledge and experience to share.

@ChrisWere Have you documented your audio and video setup for videos/streaming anywhere? It would be nice to see a setup that I know works on Linux.

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