Been getting a lot of spam recently after an old email account was on a dump. So I wrote another thing...

Solar powered micro datacenter in the work: the autonomous Datashedter ( need a better name, or sleep a bit more before naming things ... )

- 400W solar panels on top and a bunch of batteries for up to 4 days operations in the dark.
- Fiber uplink to main building.
- Wifi backup Uplink.
- the 3 Ham antennas in the picture are used for emergencies at crazy distances in case of all down in a 150-1000miles radius ( 1k miles is very very low bandwidth ofc ).

- DYI isolation in the work
- Moar shelves inside and probably power box overhaul.
- Testing/testing/testing.
- Migrating some services there ?

it should be fun to self host stuff :)

Great video on how to do parametric modelling with FreeCAD. It's got good content for beginners, and I think intermediate users will learn a few things too.

We are in Berlin at Qt World Summit 2018. Come visit our booth and discover Plasma's cool features, shiny new KDE applications and the frameworks which make cross-platform development easier and faster.

@jmwright Same here, I was very happy we had a musicologist on board. The scores were saved as uncompressed images and PDF/A files.

syncthing is a cool app

it shows that having a cloud server isn't necessary to backup everything, and that it's possible to do peer to peer for everything really well

I'm super pissed off because my new Ender 3 Pro printed a better print straight out the gate with minimal fiddling (leveled the build plate basically) than my CTC dual did in the last year. Should have bought this earlier #3DPrinting

@mkrzmr Very cool. What format do the compositions end up in? Is it PDF, or some sort of digital tabular format? Sorry if my terminology is inaccurate, I'm not musically inclined.

Digitizing 13.000 pages of musical scores for the Dublin Contemporary Music Centre

Top things that prevent me from 'de-googling'.

Storage costs. I've no idea where to put or how much it would cost for photo/video/docs/email storage.

Email. Self hosting email is terrifying because email is a magic black box. What email service will still exist in X years. Moving email address is a ballache.

Secondary things.

Some of the software is damn good. Especially Maps, including the privacy violating elements, which I've found useful on numerous occasions.

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