@Sylphox Seems fine after being uploaded to this instance. :upset:

@Sylphox No, I just saw it in a Python newsletter. It is cool to have that as an option.

fern: a curses-based Mastodon client modeled off usenet news readers & pine, with an emphasis on getting to 'timeline zero'


@Sylphox There are tons, but there's a Raspberry Pi image for OpenHAB for home automation, Kodi (and many others) for a media center, and you can run ROS (Robot Operating System). Things like the nginx and Apache webservers come stock in the Raspbian repos too.

Ok, we're back. Let me know if anyone experiences any issues.

Going to be upgrading Makerdon.org to Mastodon 2.9.0 here in a few minutes. The service may be down for a little bit.

I'm making open source emojis!!!


I would really appreciate contributions and feedback!


Don't like Github and Gitlab? Try out Codeberg! It is a central website using gitea in case you don't know/want to host a server.


SPI byte glitch fixed and the emulated signal is only 20ns behind the real one, which just meets timing requirements for a 20MHz clock with 5ns to spare.

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