I haven't worked on the cocktail robot in a while, but i have been busy! I built a case full of a r-pi and radios and stuck it on my roof. It contributes to flightaware.com: imgur.com/a/xepw7x2

Vu au Maker Faire Paris le week en dernier / Saw at the Maker Faire Paris last week

Wow just tried out and it is so beautiful! You guys should really try it out:


I really want to play but I am still waiting on open source assets to be implemented. The closest project I have found is github.com/oli414/Blender-RCT-

If anyone wants to help the OpenRCT2 Project with anything, here is the repo: github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2

The Call for Papers is now open for the conference Engaging with Web Archives: 'Opportunities, Challenges and Potentialities'

We welcome long papers, short papers and posters. More info: ewaconference.com

@Sylphox Hmmm...works fine for me in FF. Is what it copies blank, or does it not even copy anything to the system's clipboard?

For the new folks on Mastodon, here are the various ways you can discover new people on here to talk to!


Please boost :)

Plan Ahead: Roaming Charges are a Killer

As the world gets more connected and computerized, it is easy to have an unintended consequence pop up and bite you. Especially because, so much of the time, today, things just work. The days of fretting over how… hackaday.com/2019/11/09/plan-a

Original tweet : twitter.com/hackaday/status/11

So many new faces on #Fosstodon!

Welcome everyone, it’s great to have so many people in our little corner of the fediverse!

If you’re new to Mastodon, this post I wrote may help you get going:


If you’re still stuck, get tootin’! We have a tonne of extremely helpful members here.

@ChadwickEisman I'm not sure how Gab is set up, and I don't remember exactly how it works if instances have each other blocked. However, under normal circumstances you won't see those users unless they're on your instance, or somebody on your instance follows them. Then they'll show up in the federated timeline. github.com/tootsuite/documenta

@Sylphox I haven't noticed it using a lot of resources, and I always use Mastodon through a browser. I run FF on my phone and desktop, and Chrome every once in awhile. They all seem fine.

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