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@ChrisWere Decided to migrate a static website of mine to Neocities based on some toots I saw from you. The process was painless and the site seems to be running great. Went ahead and did the supporter level, which allows the use of custom domains.

Digital Empowerment in Rural India - powered by FreedomBox.

Sudhamsh Kandukuri and I presented yesterday at XConf India 2018.

An inspiring story of a grassroots movement where people rejected Facebook's Free Basics and installed low-cost community Wi-Fi networks instead.
A FreedomBox on the network provides most of the essential digital services required, offline.


Video recording: coming soon!

#FreedomBox #Swecha #FSMI #XConfIndia #ThoughtWorks

Can’t think of anything to do with my RPi3b. I’ve tried #PiHole, which is ok, but my experience of the Pi’s stability hasn’t been the best, so wouldn’t like to trust all my DNS traffic to it.

I’ve tried #Nextcloud, but I have a synology, so didn’t need it. I’ve even tried running a #Minecraft server on it, which was painful.

Any suggestions?

I hadn't realized that Paul Allen was an advocate for open science, enough to invite Alexandra Elbakyan of SciHub (via Skype, while technically on the run) to a symposium to advocate for accessibility.

SparkFun - The Prototype HARP [Review]

Sounds like puzzle hardware that your have to debug and hack, which drives you through a narrative.

I've updated the Mastodon instance to version 2.6.5.

... Just started setting up my #Librem5 dev kit. Kinda psyched 😎... Thanks @Purism !!!

It seems we’ve had another little influx of new users. Welcome everyone. If you’re not sure how this whole thing works, this post might help:

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