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Magnetic Orion

Image Credit & Copyright: NASA, SOFIA, D. Chuss et al. & ESO, M. McCaughrean et al. #APoD

I had no idea there was such a thing as the "Open Source Fusor Research Consortium". In order to be recognized, each DIYer has to prove there was neutrino emission.

My latest project is now in a usable state. It's a projection mapping tool.

Check it out:

(thanks to @zbanks for ideas & help)

I was trying to find a minimal out-of-the-way image viewer... I found a great one in the AUR.

Le genre de vidéo qui donne envie de le faire soi-même... euh... et puis non ! (9000 volts !) / The kind of video that makes you want to do it yourself...or not! (9000 volts!)

Changed over from Manjaro KDE to Manjaro I3. It runs a lot better and I love that everything works with the keyboard, so so much faster!

Debian, along with 30+ organizations, recently signed the Affirmation of the Open Source Definition. #opensource #freesoftware

The PocketBeagle is the latest in the line of BeagleBoard products from TI. It's small with quite a bit of horsepower, but doesn't seem to have any wireless capabilities built-in.

Have I mentioned lately how much I ❤️ Delrin sheet? Lasers up fine and finishes like a dream.

DuckDuckGo now supports bangs, which show you search results from other sites.

I really love the firefox screenshot tool, so it's disappointing that there really isn't any screeenshot tool that comes close to it. :/

Also, watch @ChrisWere 's video to disable the cloud save:

But if you want more, here is a script to use to make firefox as private and secure as possible:

IT'S ALIVE. End stops and all axes are functional. Next up is calibration. That Z axis moves about two microns per step, so this is going to be the most precise robot in the shop by far.

I created an Open Source Hardware (OSHW) custom emoji if anyone is interested. :openhardware:

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