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The 6 pumps you see are peristaltic pumps. Chosen for accuracy in pouring small amounts. They flatten anything carbonated though, so there's some air pumps in the back for pumping soda.

I plan on giving updates on what I'm working on here, since I'm useless at writing blogs. I'm hoping i can stick to short regular updates.

Here's my cocktail machine. I'm currently writing the software for it!

The "Heath Robinson", a World War 2 codebreaking machine, was reconstructed during a 7 year project.

Material GitHub user gruberb has compiled which is beneficial to read through to learn the language.

Ubuntu 19.04 Is Offering Some Performance Improvements Over Ubuntu 18.10, Comparison To Clear Linux via @phoronix

@jmwright Jeremy, I just bought a soldering iron, and I'm looking for some projects. I've soldered in the past, but it's been since highschool. Any projects you particularly enjoy?

@jmwright This was 30 years ago, as evidenced by the dust. Yes, the NiCd batteries provided power for the (push-pull) switching power supply. The voltage multiplier runs on AC, so I did not have to rectify the power supply output.

The black round shape is a ferrite output transformer. I wound that transformer with many turns in the secondary to boost the AC output voltage going into the multiplier.

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