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The hardware rework is done, and things are no longer just hot glued to the back of the machine. I am however going away for the next 10 days.

3D printed this replacement plate on my router that lets me cut slots 0.75" from the edge of the material

Playing No Man's Sky.
On Linux...
Pretty darned addictive, I've sunk a fair few hours in already.

My little, but useful, fungus scraper is shown to the left of a petri dish of fungus that could be scraped. This is a sturdier version of the inoculation loop that microbiologists use.

I cut a strip of stainless, shaped it, stuck it into a stainless tube, forced in a little brazing paste (, then torched it. For this little job, a propane torch might have been sufficient.

Brazing is a useful skill. Nobody showed me. I watched videos, bought stuff, then made mistakes.

Just finished a new project, this time I embedded a full Windows 3.1 w/ a ton of utils into a coreboot ROM on a ThinkPad X200. Small showcase and blogpost:

New Raspbian Brings Performance Improvements, Updated Packages To Raspberry Pi via @phoronix

Please follow the dev feed for Veloren at

It is a voxel game inspired by Cube World... but it is !!!!

You might want to lower your expectations a little on metal

Metal 3D Printing — a Dose of Reality via @hackaday

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