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3D Printer Becomes Soldering Robot via @hackaday

Pretty horrible success rate for that application, but if it could be improved to about 99.9% someday...

Has everyone abandoned their visual programming languages/IDEs like Blockly and Scratch for hardware? I was trying to find something to help young kids learn programming on an Arduino, and everything seems unmaintained now. Ardublock, Ardublockly, Scratch 4 Arduino, etc. All of them seem to have been abandoned.

Creating a GUI Application for NASA’s Image API with wxPython post on why "Fauxpen source is bad for business" via @opensourceway by @dff

Review of the ASUS Tinkerboard S by Make Magazine. The Tinkerboard is supposed to play in the same space as the Raspberry Pi I think.

@switchingsocial Asked pcpartpicker on reddit if their new framework will be open source. Got downvoted and they said 'NO." So any alternatives? I tried but they didn't have any good ones.

Really glad i got up early this morning. (sound might be loud).

KiCon 2019, the conference for the open source electronics design software , will be in Chicago, Illinois next week.

Sounds like it's the first user-focused KiCAD conference ever.

We're back up, and everything looks fine. Let me know if you notice anything not working properly.

Here's a changelog for the new version:

Starting in a few minutes, I'm going to be doing some server maintenance for our instance and upgrading to Mastodon 2.8.0. 🤞

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