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Many makers balk at the prospect of learning C. I can't blame them. Even with extensive comments, C programs written by others can be difficult to wrap one's head around.

Micropython is a maker-friendly option that may work well depending on one's choice of microcontroller.

You might know me as that one account that toots unheard of programs... well here's another!

If you are a user and run Ubuntu, there are two PPAs that can make life easier: freecad-stable and freecad-daily. They install separate binaries, so you can switch between the stable and nightly builds very easily.



I've written a guide on how to setup a @nextcloud server. This has been a lot of work, as I've tried to be as verbose as possible.

Hope you guys enjoy it.

Nice video of a cool experiment where they programmed an Arduino Uno to continuously blink an LED, and then sent it up exposed to the sun and cold on a high altitude balloon. They used the visual programming language XOD, which I've been experimenting with lately.

Anyone know any projects helping to replace the internet?

things i like about old electronics: you open up the case, and there's an envelope glued to the inside that contains the complete schematics and calibration instructions. a bunch of companies did that until the early 80s, too bad it never really caught on and just stopped at some point.

I got one of the HiFive Rev B boards to experiment with because I'd really like for my hardware projects to be as open as possible, even down to the silicon level.

@jmwright One more thing about free-hand SM circuit construction: solder paste (and, of course, a really good soldering station) is a must for such small connections. It can be pricey, it needs to be kept in the 'fridge, and it has an expiration date. I got my little syringe tube maybe 4 years ago. Long-expired, it still works well for hand soldering.

@jmwright Screw that. You don't need to fabricate a board to test an idea using SM parts. Shown here is an attempt at generating a unique sound using hardware only.

Free-hand SM construction is not hard as long as you stay away from crazy small pin pitches and 0402 (and smaller) components.

Found a project that I hope takes off. If anyone is interested, you should help them!

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