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Every time I can sleep, I design a PCB. This one was a tough one: basically I took the PewPew Lite FeatherWing and tried to squeeze it into the D1 Mini shield size, without changing the connections, so that it will still be code-compatible. I managed to do it just barely, but had to put two ugly resistors between the buttons, because there was no other place they would fit.

fern: a curses-based Mastodon client modeled off usenet news readers & pine, with an emphasis on getting to 'timeline zero'

Ok, we're back. Let me know if anyone experiences any issues.

Going to be upgrading to Mastodon 2.9.0 here in a few minutes. The service may be down for a little bit.

I'm making open source emojis!!!

I would really appreciate contributions and feedback!


Don't like Github and Gitlab? Try out Codeberg! It is a central website using gitea in case you don't know/want to host a server.

SPI byte glitch fixed and the emulated signal is only 20ns behind the real one, which just meets timing requirements for a 20MHz clock with 5ns to spare. was down for a little while due to a full disk, but it's fixed now. I'm going to look into block storage for us so that we can grow more easily.

One can also program a WiFi module from TI using micropython.

The WiPy is a small, ultra-low power and low cost Wi-Fi module
targeted to the Internet of Things.

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