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#ForgeFed update!

My pace has been a bit slow due to some away-from-keyboard priorities, but work is happening!

I'm fixing the development builds in Vervis to allow people to build locally and work on UI.

Comment and ticket-opening federation is successful so far. The next thing I'll bring to the spec draft (and implement) is VCS commit notifications. Then, patches and merge requests.


The pieces of the E3D v6 hotend for my 3D printer. I bent the heat brake (3rd one from the left) while trying to change the nozzle.

IKEA NOT lamp shade replacement I found on thingiverse looks kind of nice when it's being printed.

My printer wasn't big enough to print the whole thing at once, so I sliced it in half. Let's hope it would fit.

Material: translucent PLA (sigma e3d)
Print settings: 0.4 mm layer height


OK. first version of MNT Reform 2 motherboard fully routed. now sleep over it and go through everything one more time. also, no length matching done yet.

The work on the cocktail robot slowly continues. A loadcell arrived in the post so im setting it up for glass detection and calibration of the pumps.

We're back up now. If you were getting random 502 errors or slow loads before, it should be better now.

We uploaded on GitHub new turotial for eduArdu OSHW educational board and Arduino, demo code for the eduArdu-BotKit, two new demo code for capacitive buttons

Going to tweak the server. There may be a service interruption.

Does anyone else running Ubuntu MATE or Xubuntu 19.04 find their WIFI randomly cutting out?

All parts of the upgrade are finished now. Please let me know if you have any issues on this instance going forward.

We're back up. I switched us to block storage as part of a broader upgrade. Please let me know if you experience any issues, especially related to attachments. Once it seems like this change went ok I'll proceed with the rest of the upgrade.

Going to be doing server maintenance on There will likely be service interruptions.

How to choose best LCD for your industrial grade OSHW OLinuXino Linux computer? We wrote LCD-OLinuXino selection guide to explain what are your options, touch interfaces, drivers

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