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I can only apologise for not thinking to do this the first time around. Why did i think a black, non-glowing platform was acceptable?

Got the loadcell functioning as a glass detector. There is just a weight threshold. It turns some lights bright white so you can see your glass 😁

Promise kept! Platform done.

Theres not many things in life that require you to google "splashless urinal mat", but now i have! Hopefully water dripping onto this platform wont splash too much. Plus it has drain holes in it to drain out under the machine 👍

Music lovers, here is a terminal program that plays any song you want by searching sites (like youtube)

The loadcell is mounted and a hole cut above it. Time to make the platform!

Tada ! J'ai enfin osé mettre à jour mon téléphone vers LineageOs 16 ! Ce n'était finalement pas si terrible ! Je n'ai même pas briqué mon téléphone ! Mon secret ? (appris lors de l'installation) Un téléphone branché pour une batterie à 100% ! /That's it!!!!! I finally dared to update my phone to LineageOS 16! It wasn't that bad after all! I didn't even bricked my phone! My secret? (learned during installation) A connected phone for a 100% battery!

Man do my side projects move slowly!

I've 3d printed a mount for the loadcell, i just need to mount it, and then build a platform that will hold the glasses that is suspended by the loadcell. Hopefully i will get that done this weekend.

In the meantime I've started making a faux neon sign from the movie "Cocktail" 😂

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