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Doing some server maintenance on There may be a couple of service interruptions.

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Retour à mon projet de trousse pour mes clés. Croquis et prototype. Je me suis plantée dans le sens du tissu pour optimiser mes découpes, le tissu intérieur est à l'envers (tout l'intérêt du proto...) //Back to the kit for my wrenches. sketch and prototype. The fabric inside is upside down (that's the interest of the prototype)

I love it when a plan comes together. A neon-esque sign from the bar in the movie "Cocktail".

This was made by 3D printing a frame and using it to shape el-wire.

Should this go on the cocktail robot or above my bar at home? :happy:

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L'hiver arrive ! J'ai préparé des allume-feux avec les restes de bougies récupérés toute l'année et des copeaux. // Winter is coming. I made my firelighters with the leftover candles collected all year round and wood shavings.

Trying to learn QEMU in the terminal, anyone got experience with that?

100 zipties.. Check
Epoxy all over my hands.. Check.

Hopefully this was worth it

We are hosting a conference on Engaging with Web Archives in Maynooth, Ireland! Check out the cfp here:

Added event-based glass detection that controls the bottom set of LEDs. Then mucked around for an hour with multi-thread locking and misreading the library docs. Just for this..

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La fabrication des abats-jours pour la cuisine a, enfin, commencé. / The production of lampshades for the kitchen has begun! :happy:

New Video Demo of the Librem 5 Shows That …It Actually Works Okay?! - OMG! Ubuntu!

Réparation d'un lacet au mois d'avril : un peu de fil galva et deux morceaux de gaine thermo. La réparation n'a pas bougé d'un poil !/ Repair of a shoelace in April: a little galvanized wire and two pieces of heat-shrink tubing. The repair is still in place!

J'ai acheté des bleus de travail à Emmaus pour 1 euro afin de faire une trousse pour mes clés. Bien sur, le chat me donne un coup de main./I bought some work clothes from Emmaus for 1 euro to make a bag for my keys. Of course, the cat is helping me.

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