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3D printed Nintendo Switch card holder with screw on top. eSun PLA Pro filament. The threads were printed in place and work great.

I'm watching this project closely because of how much easier it makes terminal multiplexing!

Any recommendations for a long time Linux user who is trying #OpenBSD ? 

This tool has been absolutely wonderful as a replacement to rm:

#Minetest 5.2.0 has been released!

Includes improvements to GUI (a HTML-like rich text element, more styling), graphics (sky rendering API, object shading), tool wear, and more


Two photos: One is a set of breaking fixtures, as I like to call them. I created them for the purpose of strength testing my new glass-based material. The older, smaller breaking fixture is at top, followed by the larger, later fixture. Below that is a bar of my new material. Below that is a mold for casting such bars. I cover the mold with aluminum tape to increase moisture retention. The second photo is the breaking fixture in action. The force sensor is FC2211-0000-0025-L from Mouser.

FlexMask - 3D Printed Face Mask by aprzy15 - Thingiverse

This is an interesting design for the general public.

This is pretty freaking cool for people who want an encrypted file without a password:

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