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I needed to create a roof for my shroom fruiting box to provide fresh air and blue light. All LED strips are 12V, and go to one end of a Kobiconn 163-4021 panel connector. The wood was too thick for that connector, so I reduced the thickness with a 13/16 forstner bit. The other photo shows the 12V fans, wired to a CUI PJ-202AH connector which I had to mount to a small piece of fiberglass, which is then mounted on little standoffs. The same CUI PP3-002A plug will mate to both connectors.

#Sketchnotes of the first #Akademy2020 keynote. Gina Häußge talking about her adventures with OctoPrint

I created a strong table because the old card table was not strong enough for the new shroom fruiting box that features a 5 gallon water reservoir (more on that, later). I used mending plates for most of the fastening:

I am LOVING rm-improved. It is so simple and so needed. Think trash-cli but with more options

Anyone know of a list of hardware that can be run with 100% open source software/firmware? I'd love to build a computer with those pieces :opensource: :openhardware:

Prototyping surface mount hardware is intimidating at best. This guy featured on Hackaday has been there, done that. I really like his modified exacto tool for scratching copper from PCBs. And check the comments here, also. Expertise is everywhere you look.

Anyone looking for an alternative to because of the slow down in develpment? Check out Parasitter! No need for a website, no need for domains, just a browser and self host it! (no server needed!)

Paper: "Open Source and Human Computer Interaction Philosophies in Open Source Projects – Incompatible or Co-Existent?" (Rajanen, Iivari)

On the difficulties of being part of both Open Source development communities and Human Computer Interaction.

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