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There are hurdles to Psychotria viridis cultivation in the southwest American desert: Occasionally freezing weather is one of them. I designed and constructed a soil heater. Materials: fiberglass tubing from Max Gain Systems, RT-12, OD .5", ID .25". Also nichrome wire, 26 gauge at 2.6 ohms/foot. I pushed the wire into teflon 22 gauge teflon tubing before inserting it into the fiberglass tubing. Total resistance is 122 ohms = 108 watts for 115 VAC power.

How on earth do you show battery life on the swaybar?! Absolutly shocking that there is nothing that works when I look it up :O

Mobile, Open-Hardware, RISC-V System-on-Chip (SoC) Development Kit
They're very focused on the security aspect of it.

Autodesk Announces Major Changes To Fusion 360 Personal Use License Terms | Hackaday

It was inevitable. I'm glad I never let Fusion 360 become an integral part of my open hardware workflow.

Nvidia Acquires ARM For $40 Billion | Hackaday

I feel like the banner image is very appropriate.

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