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Abbreviated is a long word and that is not okay

3D Print Your Next Antenna

Building antennas is a time-honored ham radio tradition. Shortwave antennas tend to be bulky but at VHF frequencies the antenna sizes are pretty manageable. [Fjkaan’s] 2 meter quadrifilar helicoidal antenna is a good example a…

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Pine64 February Update - It's interesting to me that they're going to start shipping PinePhones with Manjaro/Plasma by default.

Need Feedback / One Handed Typing / Accessibility / Disability / Injury 

Positive, negative, neutral: all valid forms of feedback for this

I've been working towards building a one handed typing solution lately and need feedback. I *think* I have found a workable solution to cover a variety of one handed typing needs including increased utility for folks with hand disabilities/injuries.

I don't know for sure if it's a solid, general setup and I could use *your* feedback so I can make this as accessible as possible.

Can you take a look at the attached keyboard layout and let me know your thoughts?

I plan on taking the layout and building a mini keyboard that will use it as the layout. The goal is to build a open hardware mini keyboard for one handed typing using the layout.

Rendering of the hardware is attached.

Does this look like a good mini keyboard?

(A left handed version is also being developed)

It will have 8 keys, a screen, battery and bluetooth/usb. It'll also be fully programmable so you can adjust the layout and fine tune it to your needs.

The switches for the keyboard will likely come in a few different styles and I'm currently researching options.

I *think* a set of 3 styles (tactile/smooth/clicky) with 3 weights (15/20/25g) will be on offer but Im not sure yet.

If you have Thoughts, please let me know.

ALL feedback is welcome and I'm hoping to get as much input as possible. Replies, DMs and Discord (KemoNine#8607) are all valid ways to get in touch.

I could really use the help as I want to ensure I'm not making bad assumptions/choices.

vs ...I am trying to move away from cura but some interesting results are happening! the two on the left are sliced in prusa and the most right one in cura. Same filament, print temps and speeds. prusaslicer always squashes benchy quite a bit :( I like prusa slicer GUI a bit more but the results are very poor.

Holding A Mirror Up In Front Of GNU/Linux | Hackaday | The shortcomings of Linux and a case for BSD

What is your favorite backup setup for computers?

Your Own 11.2 GHz Radio Telescope

Modern life has its conveniences. Often, those conveniences lead to easier hacks. A great example of that is the rise of satellite television and the impact it has had on amateur radio telescopes. There was a time when …

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I had forgotten this tip but decided to relearn it again this morning. In the bash shell, you can create a directory and immediately cd into it with "mkdir newdir && cd $_"

5am start was worth it for this video. The first calm day of 2021!

Just discovered you can add things to your Google profile so when people add you to Google Contacts or something they can see extra contact info for you. One of the things you can add is a chat username. This seems to be a relatively new feature but somehow the list of platforms is still hilariously outdated.

CadQuery community member Adam will be giving a talk on creating assemblies in CadQuery tomorrow (Sunday).

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