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While running drawterm under sway (wayland), the middle mouse button triggered both down and up only *after* the button was released (as seen by xev).

It came down to 'button scrolling' on the TrackPoint device (you can hold the middle button and scroll with the trackpoint). I couldn't figure out how to get libinput to stop doing this.

With a nudge from @sigrid@merveilles.town toward sway-input and it's man page. I added the following to my sway config:

input * scroll_button disable

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@sir GPL is the pickles of software licensing?

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@uint8_t computers are alright, i think the problem is more how the process of developing software interacts with the human condition and capitalism
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Pol / Techbro / Cybertruck 

Hong Kong at war. US in the way there....

But please, journalists tell me more about Cybertruck. Media just can blow Elon Musk often enough, it seems.

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Who has two thumbs and made his first 8051 board with RST pulled to the wrong rail.

👍👍, this guy.

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Tom Mulcair was a shitty Liberal poser that bombed the Jack Layton gains with incoherent budgeting plans.... but he's a white dude so yolo.

Singh has actual NDP ideas, but the racism is so strong. He's going to lose seats.

Fuck white people and our unearned privilege and unconscious (and conscious) biases.

We're back to US-style two party system with shitty-bro running against shittier-bro because white people will never listen to anyone not made in our image. Fuck!

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#canpoli, racism 

I'm a very left Labour-type voter. When I lived in the states (and now with mail-in ballots) I've consistently voted Democrat. Not because Democrats are useful in any way (ha!), but more like "Move ZIG, for great justice"...

In Canada, NDP are the major party closest to my sensibilities, but all Canadians see when they look at Jagmeet Singh is "turban turban turban, brown, turban turban turban".

Just started reading, but initial feels are that he nailed 2019 computing/internet culture.

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"Corporate endeavors which thus threaten society cannot be tolerated. At this point it becomes irrelevant whether an enterprise is nominally owned by individuals, corporations, or the slate, because no form of management can make such fundamental destruction serve a social purpose.” -Ivan Illich, Tools for Conviviality, 1975

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"Society can be destroyed when ... it isolates people from each other and locks them into a man-made shell, when it undermines the texture of community by promoting extreme social polarization and splintering specialization, or when cancerous acceleration enforces social change at a rate that rules out legal, cultural, and political precedents as formal guidelines to present behavior." -Ivan Illich, Tools for Conviviality, 1975

Also, not a "long ago, in a faraway land" story. This happened in 2019.

Trying to not be a shit-lord is my daily carry.

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