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Also, not a "long ago, in a faraway land" story. This happened in 2019.

Trying to not be a shit-lord is my daily carry.

My experience was IRL, so it felt (to my defensive brain) very much like an attack. I must have been 🍅 red...

I'd point out that on the Internet, you're not exactly on the spot.

Take your medicine in relative safely and become better.

When you're called out for being an asshole, it sucks.

I remember being called out for using the word 'crazy', to describe something unusual/bad. I seethed. "I didn't mean it!" "It's what people say!" 100% rage face.

Everyone thinks they're moral/rational/good. Consider for a moment what a "good person" would do... Is it really talking some defensive bullshit?

You can think/listen *or* you can talk shit.

I shut up that day. It took me perhaps 20min. to compose myself... but I learned.

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I've been feeling something between burnout and diffuse anger lately. Thanks to this Lattice Semi application note, I finally have a name for the feeling!

Serious request: Gift ideas for spouse who is a scientist w/ anxiety issues.

They generally buy the things they want/need immediately upon thinking of the item.

They are very difficult to shop for...

I've reached a part of the documentation called "How to deal with strings". My reptile hindbrain (Python) immediately initiated the panic sweats.

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TrussFab : truss structure with recycled bottles
there is a software pluging over sketchfab to build custom structure
great idea, great implementation, worth following

looks like some practical way to reuse all those lost bottles that the coke company still cannot recycle despite all their claims for years ...

#solarpunk #recycling #architecture #design #dome

I just supported MDN with a one time donation. I append MDN to all my html, js, and css searches. They are the best.

You can support them too:


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